Melrose & Poinsettia

The hustle n bustle along Melrose & Poinsettia on the Sunday evening of the New Year weekend 2010. (handheld shot w/ Nikon D3 17mm 400iso 1/8 @ f4.0)

I have spent my entire life, born & raised, in Southern California, specifically, within two cities, Glendale and Santa Clarita.  This past June, I moved into a wonderful, little duplex off Melrose in Los Angeles with my girlfriend.  I have had the opportunity to explore and enjoy my new neighborhood and I recently started to think of the differences between the 3  locals.  Glendale (during the time I grew up there 70’s, 80’s) and Santa Clarita (present-day) are very similar.  Wonderful, young communities designed for families and the child raising mind-set.  I love them both dearly; however, to live in Hollywood, a place where people from all across the world seek out to travel to, for vacations or to fulfill deep seeded dreams, is a new and exciting experience.  The streets in each town has a different vibe and energy about them.  The largest difference is how faster things seem to be down off Melrose.  Life is definitely moving at a more accelerated pace.  Maybe this feeling is caused from the newness of living here or maybe it is embedded in some truth.  Regardless, the energy and excitement is evident and welcomed.  The photograph I am sharing is of the corner of Melrose and Poinsettia.  Georgine & I took our second walk of the day, this time in the early evening to a local nail salon for G to have her nails done.  Her time inside allowed me to take a little walk of my own and the amazing colors of lights between the storefronts, the street lights and the automobiles racing by caught my eye and forced me to capture this image.  I present to you, Melrose & Poinsettia.


~ by visualviscosity on January 3, 2010.

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