Where the paw & rubber meets the highway.

This afternoon G and I decided to head to The Grove and pickup some magazines for a vision board we are creating.  Like writing down goals and dreams, clipping out words, photographs and putting them a small board puts energy in motion and moves us in the direction we want to go.  That all said, on our way out of The Grove, G spotted a guy on a motorcycle with a top hat instead of the required helmet, and he had this dog on his Harley.  It got me to thinking of all the crazy things I’ve seen in Los Angeles, but wasn’t able to capture on photographs.  Including, but not limited to 3 guys dressed up as superheroes, Superman, Batman & Spiderman pushing a stalled car out of the street.  I wasn’t going to let this chance to capture something unique and something that both G & I had a good laugh at.  So here it is, a man with a top hat, riding a harley with a huge dog on it….only in L.A., where the paw & rubber meets the highway!


~ by visualviscosity on January 10, 2010.

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