‘Onya’ Gentlemen!

PGA Tour professional, Greg Owen, right, and his caddy, Mick Middlemo at La Quinta Country Club Sunday afternoon during the 4th round of the Bob Hope Classic. (iso 200 1/6400 @ f2.8 300mm lens)

‘Onya’ is an Australian term for Well done, a shortened version of Good on you.  Today I became a lifetime fan of PGA tour professional Greg Owen and his caddie, Mick Middlemo, after covering the duo during the last 9 holes of the fourth round of the 2010 Bob Hope Classic golf tournament.  Today’s assignment for me was to finish photographing the handful of amateurs I was assigned to shoot during the week and any pro’s they play with.  Jim Ruebsamen, fellow photographer and longtime friend, and I went to La Quinta Country Club where our golfers were playing.  I shot the first half of the day finishing up with a couple of players I’d been covering during the week and then picked up the last player on hole #9.  After the group finished the hole and began to make the ‘turn’ to the back nine, Mick approached me.  The solidly built,  6’3, tattoo’ed, former Australian rules footballer and current caddy for PGA tour professional Greg owen, asked me in his thick Australian accent why I was covering them.  His horse in the race had long fallen off the pace and was now just playing for his slice of the tournament pie.  I responded, sharing how I was covering an amateur in his group and therefore was to cover Mr. Owen.  Extremely polite and friendly, Mick said cheers and went back to work sharing his insight on the course with his pro.  Throughout the round, Mick and I talked and I learned much about the soon-to-be married man who now resides in Atlanta.  His friendship with Greg’s former caddie, led to his friendship with the PGA tour professional and after filling in for a period of time, Mr. Owen offered to make it a full time position.  During my 10 holes following the Australian caddy and English golfer, I witnessed the quintessential professional and gentleman.  Mr. Owen missed 6 putts on the back nine by an inch or two, frustrating the 18-year professional.  Regardless of the way the day and tournament had gone for him, Greg continued to represent the best of what the tour has to offer by helping out the 3 amateurs paired up with him.  Between reading greens, giving personal swing synopsis and instruction to sharing with me great places to stand while photographing the amateurs, Mr. Owen showed appreciation, grace and an all around great guy attitude throughout my time covering him.  At the end of his tournament, after missing another putt for birdie by 1-inch, Greg stopped to give autographs to 2 young children, going up and beyond by taking off his golf glove, autographing it and handing over to a jubilated little girl.  There may be many Greg Owens on the tour and throughout sports; however, I implore you to seek them out, give them their due as I will,  rooting and cheering for Greg and Mick, ‘Onya’ gentlemen!


~ by visualviscosity on January 24, 2010.

One Response to “‘Onya’ Gentlemen!”

  1. Being Micks Dad I very appreciate your comments on both himself and Greg. It gave me a lift to hear that their attitude and demeanor was so highly thought of. I am proud of them both.

    Mick’s Dad

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